Smart Energy Management Platform

Smart Energy Management Platform

Smart Energy Management Platform

Today’s buildings are mini-ecosystems bustling with dynamic activities throughout the day. Managing them with fixed controls and timers is expensive and wasteful. The dynamic ecosystem of a building requires dynamic Energy Management tools. Our smart AI platform uses the Internet of Things, machine learning, and cloud computing to predict, analyze, monitor, and control your building’s energy demands and can be accessed through any internet connected device anytime, from anywhere.

Enficiency EMS functions predictively and proactively to keep your indoor environment optimized for comfort and savings. It continually monitors the air and lighting needs of a space based on the occupancy, adjusts the energy demands, analyzes data, sends alerts, and controls the consumption to effectively manage your building’s energy loads. It improves comfort and productivity by eliminating temperature imbalances and providing optimal temperature and lighting, regardless of which heating or cooling system you have. The smart system is designed to saves money and energy – in fact, up to 50% or more in total energy costs.

We offer a complete solution with the following benefits:

  • 30-50% energy savings on HVAC and lighting costs
  • Predictive maintenance to reduce downtimes and labor costs
  • Real-time energy data & predictive scheduling to eliminate Peak demand costs
  • Remote monitoring of single or multiple buildings, floor, zone down to equipment level
  • Improved indoor air quality for increased comfort and productivity
  • External weather adjusted proactive system management
  • Zone-specific temperature balancing for the optimal occupant experience

We offer a three dimensional platform:

  • Vertical: Market Specific Design & Functionality
  • Horizontal: Interoperability Across Networks
  • Geographical: Local Deployment, Centralized Control

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