Green Solutions for Your Building

Intelligent Energy Supply and Demand Solutions

Enficiency Energy Management Solutions combine the energy supply-side and demand-side strategies to deliver the optimal energy cost and carbon footprint reductions and help our customer reach their operational and sustainability goals.

With Custom Pricing, Reverse Auction capabilities, and direct relationship with 80+ major alternative Electric and Gas suppliers, Enficiency is committed to finding the best rates for you. Enficiency can even help you procure green energy to meet your sustainability goals.

On the demand side, Enficiency can help you earn money from your electric system network for curtailing the demand. Our state of the arts smart controls monitor, configure, and control HVAC, air quality, lights, and plug loads with the most advanced, user-friendly cloud-based AI platform that can help you curtail demand and automate the management of your ecosystem intelligently, from Anywhere, Anytime. This not only helps you earn demand reduction payments but could also reduce your peak demand charges which represent up to 30% of your electric bill.

The distributed cloud platform, bringing intelligence to things and turning data into economic assets, is customized for controlling & monitoring building systems, parking lots, garages and, even the street lights, across the industry verticals from Hospitality, Healthcare, Office, Restaurants, Retail, Manufacturing, Dormitories, Multifamily, Municipalities, and more.

Our flexible and scalable energy solutions convert an ordinary building into a Smart Building. Our intelligent EMS does more than just save energy. We help customers improve comfort and productivity, enhance operations and efficiency, and effectively use the data our products deliver to make informed and critical business decisions.

In the age of Social Distancing, our AI enterprise system can be used to monitor and manage the people count in your store, office, or facility and push out the messages of safety, marketing, etc. to the occupants.

Our AI platform gives organizations a competitive advantage with a cost-effective system to collect, store, analyze, and monetize the Big Data. Whether you have a single location or 100’s across the nation, our data analytics will open new opportunities for cost savings and unique marketing possibilities for your organization.